Here at Cooltec we’ve helped a huge amount of people stay comfortable and safe by completing over 1,000 UK Air Conditioning and Refrigeration projects. 

At Cooltec we’ve completed contracts for Michelin star restaurants, theme parks, educational establishments, care homes, hotels, retail locations, offices, commercial kitchens, and other industrial environments. Every single project is given incredible care, ensuring that we utilise our extensive experience to design, install, maintain and service the air conditioning solution to completely solve the client brief. We’ve NEVER failed at solving a customer’s air conditioning issue, and we’re proud of that!  

We utilise a bespoke application to manage our team and conduct business based on swift, economical processes, utilising a highly skilled workforce. We’ve been trading since 1980… we know… that’s a long time, and throughout that time our team of 25 designers, engineers, and inspectors have provided exceptional technical design, installation, servicing & maintenance, and customer service.   

Throughout our extensive trading period we’ve amassed, a tremendous amount of skill at working closely with some of the most prestigious technical brands in the world.

Mitsubishi are a great example of this, being one of the world’s leading air conditioning manufacturers. Engineers at Cooltec are accredited to both supply and install Mitsubishi air conditioning units.   

There's a reason Cooltec has been trading for over 40 years, and have completed such a large amount of diverse and complex projects. Our reputation, experience and ability speak for themselves. Call us today and we’ll solve your air conditioning and refrigeration requirements.